Transformer Dry-Type, VPI & Cast Regin

All our products are manufactured with materials of the highest quality. The transformers and reactors are designed and manufactured to the thermal class F or H, and if required for the enclosure classes IP 00 – IP 55. The products can also be equipped with accessories such as wheels, devices for electrical and thermal protection or switches. As the conduction material of our transformers and reactors, either copper wire or Al/Cu foil is used. Whatever their size, all our products pass through a vacuum-impregnation process, which improves their mechanical and electrical properties. All transformers and reactors are tested before delivery.

The power range of our dry-type transformers is 1 kVA - 6 MVA, water-cooled models ranging up to 12 MVA. They are mainly for low or medium voltage. As special applications, we produce transformers up to 12 kV.
Our transformers conform with the IEC 76 standard and if required, they can be manufactured to meet the requirements of the norms and specifications of the following classification societies as: GL, LR, DNV, BV, ABS, RMRS, CCS, KR, NK, PRS, RINA.

More informations for download:

1 - 125 KVA Type 3 PUK (pdf file)
125 - 1600 KVA Type KTK (pdf file)

Water-cooled transformers

Water-cooling enables effective and compact transfer of heat losses from the electrical premises. This feature has been included in the water-cooled transformers employing a heat exchanger for cooling the forced air circulation inside the solid transformer enclosure. Primary applications in the field of ship building and the heavy process industry with long traditions in water-cooling.


  • * Power range up to 12 MVA
    * Voltage range up to 12 kV
    * Water cooling (AFWF)
    * Protection class IP54
    * Small environmental thermal effect
    * Emergency cooling option (IP00)
    * Temperature control (water and transformer)
    * Well insulated from ambient temperature
    * Cabling mainly from below

Selected references for TRAFOTEK ship transformers (pdf file)
CIS references for TRAFOTEK ship transformers (pdf file)